university leaders symposium

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University Leadership in Turbulent Times – A European Perspective

Greek island of Lesvos 2-6 May, 2018

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university leaders symposium

The ULS mission

Our mission is to provide university leaders with a conducive environment for productive thought, discussion and reflection on their response - in terms of legacy, voice and ethics - to the challenges of our current turbulent times.

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~The Symposium

The symposium - or Greek συμπόσιον symposion from συμπίνειν sympinein 'to drink together' - dates back to ancient Greece with Plato's Symposium being the most noteworthy. The symposium was a key Hellenic social institution, a forum for men (of those times) of respected families to debate and converse (or to strategize) about issues, happenings and events of the times. The symposium was a relaxed gathering with good food and drink to encourage expression of thought, ideas, and uninhibited views of the world.

Today, the University Leaders Symposium is a collective of the world's finest minds coming together to resolve key issues affecting universities today.


Plato's Symposium - Anselm Feuerbach